Be True! Be You! Create a deliberate path for your life’s journey, and take yourself off autopilot to THRIVE not just survive.



I love guiding women, children, mothers & daughters to discover and achieve their highest vision for themselves

My mission as a compassionate connector with people all over the globe, is to assist seekers on their journey to THRIVE and not just survive as they create harmonious REALationships. By creating a safe, loving, and accepting space with individuals and groups to support people to stand in their own power with their words and actions, as they share their unique light to be their best selves in their REALationship with themselves and others.


I believe we can stand together in our power with our words and actions as we share our light to be our best selves in our REALationships.

As a result of the empowerment coaching and mentoring that I provide, preteens/teens, women and girls, Mothers & Daughters stand in their power with their words and their actions as they share their light to be their best selves in their relationships. They move from disempowered roles in relationships to being REAL girls, as they shift into embracing their true greatness.

I term REAL as Real Empowerment Allows Love. Their communication becomes powerfully authentic, drama is released, labels are peeled back for each REAL Girl to THRIVE in her life and to support one another. They take action to approach life with gratitude, kindness, and knowing there are always multiple possibilities to approach any obstacle.

Who do you know who desires to create deeper and REAL relationships with other women, girls, their mother or their daughter? I am looking for those who have the courage and desire to be a part of a THRIVE Movement to create REALationships while being supported in that journey.


The journey begins with you deciding to click the button to get your Complimentary Confidence Kit. This adventure in 7 steps to encourage your heart and build your confidence is for seekers of all ages. Follow the 1-2-3 steps below.

If you want to Schedule a 20 minute Complimentary Carity Call, click the button at the bottom of the page to tell me a little about yourself or your group needs. Follow the links to get on my schedule to connect via phone or Zoom.

Then, if we both agree my coaching program or presentations are a good fit for you or your group, we’ll work together over the coming weeks and months to implement that plan.


Beth has the rare ability to instantly put your fears at ease. Sessions are extremely interactive and effective and was able to identify negative thinking patterns fed by anxiety and suggested ways to turn them around. These skills will serve me and my daughter well for a lifetime.

– Connie

I sought out Beth at a time in my life when I wasn’t in a crisis but rather looking to improve. I had just gone through a couple of major changes in my life and I wanted to gain tools to reframe my viewpoint and move forward with a more mature outlook. Beth provided me with a variety of methods I could use throughout my day and my years. My time with Beth was very worth my while, and I plan to return to her periodically to keep my goals in my line of sight.

– M.C.